Hi, my name is
Wendy Parker!

I’m in the S.O.S. business (Safety, Operations, and Savings) with a special focus on serving the needs of churches and schools – both on the campus and on the road. While doing all of these things, I have the additional responsibility of helping you make the right choice in the purchase and use of use of 2-way radios.

Every institution, public or private; has a responsibility for keeping students and staff safe. 2-Way radios and associated products can, and should be a part of an efficient and affordable safety plan, whether on the bus or in the classroom. 2-Way radios can also improve efficiency and save money, in particular operating cost for school buses. For school safety, we can help reduce emergency response time from ten minutes or more to less than a minute or two! Everyone mostly agrees that these are achievable goals, but then we get to some tricky little details.

There are Federal regulatory standards by the DOT, FCC, and HIPAA that should be addressed. Lack of compliance can expose the user to fines, litigation or worse. The good news is that it’s easy to comply with the issues if you do things the right way. We can help you do that! (with apologies to the English Department).

Then there is the issue of equipment and vendor selection. Who has the “the best deal”? Is it the lowest price that can be found on the Internet or at the local Big Box retailer? Or is the best answer to buy from a Big Brand like Motorola or Kenwood by paying a higher price on the assumption that paying more assures satisfaction?

We’ve got a better idea – GET ALL THE FACTS FIRST, AND THEN TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! That’s what makes us different from the Baofeng’s, BearCom’s, and Bedroom Enterprises. Give us the opportunity and we WILL give your ALL the facts first, and we WILL let you try before you buy! We’ve been around for over 50 years and plan to be around for 50 more! We are all about VALUE and relationships!

For more information, without obligation, just tell me your name and your needs. I’ll take it from there!

Wendy Parker
At your service!


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