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 We've been around for a long time!
Since 1989 the Falcon companies have 
 been serving those who serve others! 

Hi, my name is Candice Staggs.  I've been here for nearly a quarter century.  I have watched our company continually evolve toward an increasing role in serving the needs of churches, education, government, hospitals, industrial safety, public safety, and volunteer organizations.

We're not a big company, but we are good at what we do.  Burch Falkner, our founder has long been recognized as an innovator in the way wireless technology is developed, distributed, and tailored to meet the special needs of those we serve.  Burch is coming up on the big 80 and shows no signs of slowing down. He is currently President and CEO of Falcon Direct, Falcon Wireless, Falcon Community Services, and Samaritan Services; all a part of our parent company, A2Z Communications, Inc. His wife of more years than she wants to tell is our Chief Financial Officer.

 I handle most of the office work with some assistance from outside accounting and legal services.  Phil Rich is our Chief Technical Officer.  An Electronic Engineer by profession, a Presbyterian minister by choice, and the designer of many of our unique products by inspiration.  That pretty much sums up the customer service team here in Birmingham, Alabama.

We also work with a number of Venture Partners.  Charles Poe is our real estate partner with co-ownership of our building and investment properties, much of which has been given to local area churches. We have a local outside sales office here in Birmingham, a customer contact center in Greenville, SC, and a contract installation and service team based locally as well as depot maintenance centers in Chicago and Las Vegas. 

Other Venture Partners include Brent Jaybush of i2Way and James Dabbs of Critical Response Systems for advanced technology development as well as Manufacturers Alliances with well known companies such as Hytera America, Ritron, Inc. and others who are the best of the best at what they do.

We also have a nationwide distribution network of Local Area Partners who assist us (or in some cases, we assist them) to better serve local community needs.

Organizationally, Falcon Direct is our original entity, currently primarily involved in Internet activities. Falcon Wireless is our manufacturing arm, and Falcon Community Services is the direct contact entity with those we serve. We hope that includes, or will soon include, you.

Thanks for visiting with us!

Candice Staggs
At your service!

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