Wouldn't it be nice.......

if someone, somewhere, out there understood that the basic objective in business is to MAKE, not spend, MONEY!  I've good some good news for you.  There is such a person, and that person is ME - Malloree Johnson, and the team that supports me, at your service!

I know how to make money by increasing worker productivity, keeping your plant safe, and keeping your plant compliant with Federal regulatory standards.  I got some pretty good training during my time while at Honda, and my company, Falcon Wireless has been helping  the needs of industry for close to a half century!

We don't just know about radios and related products, we know about CapEx, JIT, ROI, and Six Sigma, along with a knowledge of regulatory compliance issues that can keep your plant safe, complaint, and PROFITABLE!


If you are wondering how I come to be familiar with  things like 29 CFR 1910.165(b) and OHSAS 18001, (which I suspect are important to you); it is because my boss comes from a manufacturing background (Boeing, General Electric, Robertshaw, and Sylvania plus a few smaller companies).  He HAD to know the rules, not just from an economic perspective but from a litigation avoidance view.  He probably knows as much about FCC regulatory issues and NFPA hearing protection standards as anyone on this planet.  And, the good news is that he shares this information with me so I can help you!  Help you do what?  MAKE MORE MONEY!


So, the bottom line is an offer to HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!  I've started the process.  Now it's your time for action.  It's pretty simple - just click on this link (Let's Talk).  On the subject line, just type in a date and time most convenient for you to spend a few minutes to get acquainted.  I may even bring my boss with me.  He can tell you about the world's longest warranty (available on all of our products), and a unique service program that can easily cut your maintenance cost in half while simultaneously providing next day exchange service when repair is needed.


BTW, all of our products are available for evaluation at no charge or obligation.  Speaking of products, we have a new lightweight hearing protection alternative known as "Smart Plugs".  Not only do they provide hearing protection in the most noisy locations (OSHA standard compliant), they simultaneously provide conversation mode capability with co-workers as well as situational awareness to things happening around you that may hurt you!  I'll bring a pair with me.  In the meantime, do me a favor.  Check out this the following short video (about a minute and a half) for some VERY interesting information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqHFOvrGtnQ.  Thanks, I'll be looking forward to meeting you soon!


BTW, in case you are curious, I'm wearing a pair of Smart Plugs in the photo above to make that point that are comfortable and efficient, regardless of what you do, or where you are.  If you want more proof, drop me an email with a request to tell you "The Monkey Story".  In the meantime, it you want to know how I REALLY feel about Smart Plugs, here are my parting comments. I absolutely LOVE this product!  Nothing is in the way, not even the mic.  I especially love that you don't have to touch the radio.  You just push the little button on the adapter clipped to you clothing and BOOM - Still able to work with minimal distraction.  Others can hear me clearly and they sound absolutely perfect to me!  I love these, my new favorite product! 


Malloree Johnson,

At you service!

Email: Malloree@falconwireless.net

My office number: 205.854.2611

Fax: 205.853.6178

My web site: Info4u.us/AskMalloree


This page was last updated on 11/18/2018