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Being nestled between the largest city in Calhoun County, Alabama and the main Interstate Highway (I-20) between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA presents some challenging needs for providing better protection for the citizens of Oxford, Alabama 

Several years ago, the City of Oxford learned of a technology known as AlarmAlert.  In essence, a low cost wireless personal notification system proved to be an ideal solution for providing rapid response in times of need.  The DeArmanville Elementary School is  remote, isolated, and covers a multi-building sprawling campus. Police Chief Bill Partridge and Roy Bennett of the Oxford City School System recognized the need for improved school security.

For a very modest investment, the City of Oxford was able to equip all activity areas, offices, and classrooms with personal wireless call buttons capable of alerting all radios on the school campus as well as all school administrators and all Oxford police officers within 10 seconds or less!  Additional information is available at info4u.us/DeArmanville-Story.pdf.

Last year, an AlarmAlert system was installed at City Hall Offices to help  better deal with what is now known as "Disruptive People" At the touch of a button, any of the City Hall offices as well as the conference room and reception desk and get help in a hurry. Most recently, AlarmAlert systems have been installed at all activity centers, Civic Center and the Library. In Oxford, Alabama we do our best to keep our citizens SAFE!

If you would like addition information on AlarmAlert, or a small system, known as HelpAlert for smaller communities, just drop  us an email to ServingU@The-Communicators.net or give us a call at 205.854.2611.  Thanks for visiting with us.  We look forward to serving you!

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