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What does Chief David Jayne know.......

that you might want to know?  It all started over ten years ago, (2003) to be exact, when David's fire department was given the opportunity to join forces with other agencies, both law enforcement and other fire departments, by standardizing on the use of a common 2-way radio system.  This new system was to be an end to all communications problems relating to range, reliability, and interoperability.  It even qualified for federal assistance funding.

Now, over ten years later, things haven't worked out quite as well as expected. The cost of radios is much higher than what we could pay for alternative communications products.  We can only purchase from one manufacturer, and have our radios programmed and serviced by a single service provider.  We are even told how many radios we can purchase to put on the system!


Then we heard about a gadget called a BlueBox from Falcon Wireless that just plugs into the back of one of our base or mobile radios to extend the 700/800 MHz radio system via VHF or UHF (one or the other, not both).  Falcon offers a really low cost, small and reliable radio that is especially well suited for compatibility with trunked radio systems.  You can learn more about the system at http://info4u.us/BlueBox-FGS.pdf.   As far as how things worked out for us, lets just say that things worked out pretty well.  More information is available at http://info4u.us/McCallaStory.pdf. . If you are looking for a way to get what you need at the price you want to pay, do what Chief Jayne did - Call Falcon Wireless at 205.854.2611 or drop an email to ServingU@The-Communicators.net.

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