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What does Harold Pearson Know.......

that you might want to know?  You may know Harold.  Harold is the Transportation Supervisor and safety coordinator for the Cherokee County, Alabama school system.  Harold doesn't look at bus safety, or school safety.  He looks at STUDENT and facility safety where ever they may be, whether on the bus, in the classroom, or in the office.

For Harold, it all started at 3:20 PM on March 2, 2004.  That's the day that gun shots were fired into the school bus driven by Patsy Richardson.  Patsy's bus didn't have 2-way radio and her cell phone didn't work in the area.  Harold took care of that problem.  Within just a few months, all of his buses were 2-way radio equipped.  He has continued to improve the bus communications system and expanded the system to improve school and administrative safety.  


Over the years, Harold has seen many changes.  His original system was analog.  Later it was upgraded to DMR digital and most recently to P25 digital as a part of a regional program known as ARCS (Alabama Regional Communications System).  The new radios averaged around $2,000 each for portables.  The old UHF portables, used in the schools, were less than $300 each and still in good working condition when the change to P25 was made.  Changing the in-school radios, with about a half dozen per school, was looking like a very expensive proposition.  That's when Harold came to us and asked if we could provide some kind of "bridge" that would allow the new expensive P25 bus radios to talk to the much less expensive UHF in-school radios.  We did, with a device known as a BridgeBox.  You can learn more about it at info4u.us/BridgeBox.pdf.  For now, let's just say that a single BridgeBox serving virtually unlimited numbers of less expensive UHF analog or DMR radios cost less than a single P25 portable radio!  BTW, Harold also worked with us in developing a low cost means of monitoring power failure or repeater malfunctions on remote mountaintop antenna sites.  Additional information is available at info4u.us/saso.pdf.

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