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when  a repeater has failed?  Not three days after you've missed an important dispatch call, but the moment it occurs!  InstaLertR can be your solution!
Click here for a story on how a small city used InstaLertR to comply with ISO standards, plus some other benefits as well!

For a spec sheet on this remarkable product, click here or for a White Paper that tells you all about how it works, what it does, what it costs, and some other supplemental benefits to help you get better maintenance service at less cost, click here.


If you are looking for an even lower cost method of reporting equipment failure at remote repeater sites, check out our unique SmrtSite AC power monitoring system.  For less than $500 per site, you can be alerted by regular fire pagers such as our WatchDog monitor pager when there is an AC power failure and/or restoration of service. Additional information on the SmrtSite system is available by clicking here.

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