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What does Mattie Gomillion Know.......

that you might want to know?  You may know Mattie.  She is the Circuit Clerk in Butler County, Alabama.  Mattie remembers the Federal Courthouse shootings over in Atlanta back in 2005. That was a decade ago and lack of respect for the law hasn't gotten any better.  Today, trouble can break out anywhere in a court house. Mattie is in an office all alone.  Personnel on the second floor are equally isolated.  Clearly, something needed to be done to improve courthouse safety.

As it turned out, a simple and affordable solution was readily available from the company that developed one of the first wireless emergency call button systems back in 2005.  That company is Falcon Wireless.  We are still doing it - just better.
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The system installed in the Butler County Courthouse is capable of notifying law enforcement personnel both on and off the courthouse premises, directly over the Sheriff's Department radio channel, to smartphones, or both.  Best of all, there are no delays for processing emergency calls through third party alarm monitoring services or even 911.  The calls go directly to those who can take immediate action when required.  More information, including pricing is available by clicking here! For more information, and/or a demonstration; please give us a call at 800-489-2611.  We're ready when you are!

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