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where you need to talk and to whom you wish to talk and we will provide the BEST wireless communications solution at the least cost for equipment, downtime, maintenance, and replacement!

Anybody can sell you radios. Motorola, Kenwood and ICOM have been doing that for years. We do more, a LOT more! We sell SOLUTIONS to improve safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Technically, the major difference in us and all the rest is that can offer a system with no FCC license requirements, no infrastructure to purchase or maintain, no towers required, no long term contracts, and true affordability!

If you want to connect to legacy VHF, UHF, or even 700/800 MHz conventional or trunked radio systems, we can do it with an optional device known as a TeamBridge. As for service, we offer a zero downtime program! And, we have an incredible upgrade program that guarantees the latest models for less than the typical cost of a repair!

The really great news is that it cost you nothing to learn how we can help you communicate better and less expensively than any radio brand or model, better technology than AIRS, EDACS, FirstNet, P25, SouthernLinc, TANGO, or TRBOCOM, plus better service and upgrade plans than anybody, anywhere, at any price!

Want to put us to the test? just complete the short questionnaire on the right and hit the SUBMIT button. We’ll take it from there!

If you need to talk where wires don’t work and you need to talk to groups of people or vehicles whether for institutional, field operations, or transportation, please tell us a little more about yourself by answering the following questions:

Is your need for in-building school/plant communications? or for wide area municipal , countywide or regional use?

Are you using 2-way radios now? Yes , No

If you are using 2-way radios currently, are they VHF , UHF , 700/800 MHz , FCC Licensed , or unlicensed ?

Are you using portables , mobiles , pagers , repeaters ?

Do you own and maintain your infrastructure (antennas, repeaters etc.) or is infrastructure provided by others ?

Are you using a Smartphone Push-To- Talk App? Yes No

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