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We just finished reading a publication available to assist law enforcement agencies in selecting the right camera system, with an emphasis on body cameras. You can get a copy by clicking here. Interesting read, but of no practical value in making real world decisions from a common sense perspective.

The fact is there are three types of cameras commonly used by law enforcement. Administrative, Investigative, and Patrol.  Each has a slightly different use, but in reality, all address a common need of capturing audible and visual records of events easily, efficiently, and affordably.  In addition, the captured data must be secure, easily retrieved and distributed.  Now, you know everything you need to know about law enforcement cameras, almost!

How you store and retrieve your data, where you store and retrieve your data, and what you pay for storing, retrieving, and sharing your data is a HUGE consideration. In theory, GPS vehicle tracking and cameras share one thing in common.  That is that both provide more data than you need!  If you want to monitor and review every little thing, get ready to hire additional staff. 

If you want to rely on managed system services, get ready to pay, and pay, and pay FOREVER!  Click here for an interesting video from our sister company, Southcomm.us which deals primarily in wireless communications. The real objective is to record important events with minimal effort WHEN NEEDED.  We'll talk about that in more detail later.

For now, the main thing you need to know about us is that we offer an administrative camera for fixed office use, an investigative body worn camera, a mobile camera, and a mass storage, retrieval, and data distribution system.  The price is the same for all - $349 each!  That's it, no extra charge for cloud storage, managed networks, service, training, or support.  If that makes sense to you, maybe it's time for you to take a look at us!  Click on the links below for more information.

Also, if you are retired law enforcement or are selling other law enforcement products and would be interested in selling our products in your area, drop us an mail to ServingU@The-Communicators.net and tell us a little about yourself!  Or, if you would like to evaluate a unit before purchasing, call us at the number below, or click here for more information.

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