A brief word about us!

"Us" in this case is two guys with a combined experience in wireless communications manufacturing, sales, and distribution of over 100 years!  That "us" would be Burch Falkner of Birmingham, Alabama and Jim Tucker of Corinth, Mississippi who have joined together to better serve YOU with affordable administrative, personal, and vehicular cameras for law enforcement users.  Burch is the President and CEO of Falcon Wireless.  Jim is the President of UltraTek, Inc., the supplier of our cameras.

         Burch Falkner                                Jim Tucker                               Phil Rich
  Personal phone 205.422.2011        Personal phone 662-284-6724           Office phone 205.854.2611

That's Burch on the left and Jim in the middle.  Burch is "the field guy". He is out there with you, learning what we need to know to better serve your needs.  It may be hard to believe, but he actually listens to your needs.  Jim is the guy who handles vendor relations, keeps up with money matters, and deals with our indirect sales channel of manufacturer's representatives and local area dealers.  There is also a third guy. His name if Phil Rich at the far right who takes care of all things technical.  Together, we make quite a team!

And, we do some other things besides cameras!  We offer some other products and services that we think you will find to be of interest.  For more information, see a listing of our special products at info4u.us/BonusBucks.pdf.  Now, here some other special good news.  Our camera customers can purchase any of our special products at a 30% discount!  Check them out.  We think you will be impressed!

Also, if you are retired law enforcement or are selling other law enforcement products and would be interested in selling our products in your area, drop us an mail to ServingU@The-Communicators.net and tell us a little about yourself!  Or, if you would like to evaluate a unit before purchasing, call us at the number below, or click here for more information. Our contact information is listed at the bottom of this page. Additional information on our company is at falconwireless.net

As far as our cameras, and what makes us different from all the rest; you will learn more as you review our products using the links below.  Why don't we start with our Admin Desk Cameras

Falcon Wireless - 36 - 20th Avenue NW - Birmingham, AL 35215 - P:800.489.2611

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