Ever have to deal with people like these?

SRO's School Principals, Vice Principals, Guidance Counselors, the Superintendent’s Office, and the Bus Supervisor all have a common denominator – they ALL have to deal with disruptive students, and angry adults.

Sometimes, these irregular people are under the influence of mind altering substances, sometimes armed, sometimes both.  When those situations occur, two things are needed. (1) to get help in a hurry, and (2) documentation of the event, preferably in both audible and visual format that can be used as evidence if the need develops.

Picture this on your desk (can also be body worn!  It's about the size of a package of cigarettes.  It come with it's desk charger.  You can turn it on to record a "session" with a student or visitors as required. With audio and video evidence of your "visit", this little gadget could save you thousands of dollars in litigation expense. 

The camera is just $349.  You can play back recordings directly from the camera or transfer files by a supplied USB cable to a server PC.

We offer a dedicated server Netbook for just $349.  It makes for easy file transfers and storage and it can serve multiple cameras.  Our Little Camera, or "the OLC belongs at the Receptionist desk, the School Principals office, the Student Advisors offices, the Transportation Supervisors office , the SRO, and even the Superintends office.  If you would like to evaluate a unit before purchasing, call us at the number below, or click here for more information.

Falcon Wireless - 36 - 20th Avenue NW - Birmingham, AL 35215 - P:800.489.2611

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