So, what is "value" ?

A simple explanation is something cherished. It might be the safety of life, things owned or in your possession, compliance with the law, or a relationship with another person. In our business, which is wireless communications, we sum it up by saying our job is taking care of people, property and places.

Most of what we do is associated with the use of 2-way radio as it may relate to churches, construction, government (city/county), hospitals, hospitality enterprise, logistics, manufacturing, outdoor recreation, public safety (fire/police) and schools. Our function is helping those we have chosen to serve by enhancing safety, reducing cost, and improving efficiency. That’s what we are all about.

If we can offer wireless products and services that are better, faster, and less expensive than traditional choices, we simply ask for your consideration to review your needs, and make suggested recommendations. To best explain how we do what we do, we ask that you tell us more about yourself, and what you do. Your information will be confidential and shared with no one else. For a sample of some of our more popular products, see

Once you contact us, we will go to work to help you stay safe, Maintain regulatory compliance, spend less, and do more. Fair enough? Want more information about us? Check out

You can contact us by phone at 205.854.2611, or by an email to Better yet, just complete the following short form and submit it to us. We’ll take it from there! Thanks! We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!


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